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D'Trends - A company of undeflected mission and focus, even during the dotcom hypes.

D'Trends (Origin of D'Trends) is a premier consulting company in its specialty segments - bioinformatics, bioinformatics-related businesses, genomics, proteomics, and microarray technologies. D'Trends is an accelerator of discovery processes using state-of-the-art technologies such as bioinformatics, information technology, nanotechnology, and grid computing.

Nature of Business

D'Trends 1) provides professional consulting to help accelerate the process of identifying and communicating biological, chemical and healthcare information, and 2) provides professional market and financial information in these sectors to permit timely judgments and decisions by users of the information. D'Bio.

Clients include investors, pharmaceutical companies, biotechnological companies, agricultural companies, healthcare providers, research institutions, universities and government agencies.
Past and current clientele includes: Eli Lilly and Company, Monsanto and Company, National Cancer Institute, McKinsey, Vaxa, Prudential, Malaysian government, Taiwan government, institutions in China, institutions in India, United Nations, and others.
D'Trends actively seeks strategic alliances with other organizations.

Global Visions

Company Position

The company is organized in a way to be very pro-active to the rapidly and ever-changing environment, community needs, regulatory constraints, responsive to new technological discoveries and breakthroughs and most importantly, to lead and drive the frontiers of technologies, information and knowledge. Our consortium of partners encompasses a huge potential market that has built its reputation on established community recognition. Each member of the consortium possesses vast background experience.

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