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Origin of D'Trends

The concept for bioinformatics started in 1987 and the business opportunity of D'Trends began in 1990. After several years of market research, software development and database compilation efforts, D'Trends was incorporated in California (EIN: 77-0467976) in 1997, after its predecessors Ulonix Consulting (Unix in Leon County, Florida, 1991 at a time when Unix operating system was erupting like a volcano smothering VMS operating system), and DataTrends Consulting, Inc. (Florida, 1995 at a time when instrumentation and high throughput data generation were the name of the game). As technologies evolved and became more mature, the trends moved from data generation to discovery. DataTrends also evolved accordingly to D'Trends. Some people pronounce the "D" in "D'Trends" as "The", while many others interpret the "D" as standing for "Data", "Database", "Datamining", "Digital", "Discovery", "Disease", "DNA", "Drug" or even "Dotcom",... The most interesting is "D'Trends" is interpreted as "double strands". "D" is all that, and D'Trends is a fast growing company positioned to take advantage of emerging technologies, particularly biotechnology and nanotechnology.

Credit: This graphics is borrowed from the brochure of the cover of Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries Program Office (biopharm), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Taiwan.
It very nicely represents the interface of computers and drug discovery.

Water Cooler Chat - The D'logo Design

The logo of D'Trends is

pyramid.gif'Trends Inc.
01.gif 2K - we i and e enterprises

The 3-d Greek delta or pyramid is the wealth pyramid. The "1" and "0" indicate that D'Trends is in the information technology business. D'Trends "i"s (informate) and "e"s client organizations' enterprises. It is important to distinguish between automating and informating. Automating tends to concentrate on the smart machine and to cut out or reduce people. Informating uses smart machines in interaction with smart people.

Knowledge Process

More and more, not only in biotechnology and drug discovery, but also in most other businesses, companies are built on process knowledge. This knowledge controls production and product development, proprietaty software, and identifies requirements for integrating the complex tools which may have to be outsourced from other disciplines. The name of the game is customization.

With knowledge assets so easily superseded and new technologies emerging constantly, D'Trends will not only acquire existing software, hardware and databases, but will also work and improve on them. Dynamics is the key. With rapid changes in market structure, finance landscape, and human resource requirements, D'Trends business includes market and finance outlook, and biotech community. Currently D'Trends has three broad divisions, D'Bio:
BioComm, Informatics, and Outlook,

, and

which are, respectively, biotech community, information technology, and biotech outlook divisions. Thus, D'Trends "i"s and "e"s enterprises by providing professional services, informatics products and community outreach.

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