(Hwa A. Lim, Ph.D., MBA)

林華安博士,聯合國生化信息學(Bioinformatics)專家,1986年首創生化信息學(Bioinformatics)一詞,並發起首屆國際生化信息學系列會議(Bioinformatics & Genome Research),使得生化信息學(Bioinformatics)一詞在世界各地廣為延用,現更成為許多大學中的熱門科系。因此被公認為『生物信息之父』。

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林華安博士召開及主持之國際會議(1990 - present):

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  17. 2010, Hwa A. Lim, Hippocratically Yours: Diseases, wellness, and safety, approx. 1200 pages.
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指南小學,尤崙,亞羅士打,吉打,馬來西亞 (1964-1969)


Sekolah Menegah Tunku Abdul Rahman, Mergung, Alor Setar, Kedah, Malaysia (1969 – 1974)


吉華中學,吉打港口,亞羅士打,吉打,馬來西亞 (1975)

Advanced Levels:

Harlow Technical College, Harlow Town, Essex, England (1975 - 1978)



NameTitleCareer advancement to (...) after leaving Hal's group


Donna E. Middleton Work on electrophoresis in a microgravity environment, Supported by TRDA 205, 1990-1992 (Supercomputer Computations Res. Inst.)

Orazio Whited High school student intern, 1992-1995 (University)

Vann Patacsil High school student intern, 1992-1993 (University)

Julio Arrecis MIT Chemistry Ph.D. candidate, (graduated from MIT, Boston, Massachusetts, June 1992): Dissertation Title: Quantum molecular dynamic structural calculation of bacteriorhodopsin ― alight transducing bacteria protein that functions as a proton pump (Florida Department of Natural Protection)

Stephen L. DeKorte FSU Physics Undergraduate (B.S.), Supported by DE-FG05-93ER25147, 1993-1995 (Marble Associates, Boston)

Young Park Ph.D. Candidate, FAMU/FSU Chemical Engineering, Supported by TRDA 116 and TRDA 206, Dissertation Title: Experimental and Theoretical Biological Macromolecules Separation, 1989-1993, Co-supervised by Dr. B. Locke and Dr. P. Arce, Graduated June, 1993 (Environmental Research Department, Hyundai Res. Inst., Ulsan, Korea)

Marshall Troy Carroll FSU Computer Science Undergraduate (B.S.), Supported by TRDA 113, TRDA 116 and TRDA 205, 1991-1993 (AT&T Data System, Atlanta)

Clay Garrard FSU Computer Science Undergraduate (B.S.), Supported by TRDA 113, TRDA 116 and TRDA 205, 1991-1992 (AT&T Data System, Atlanta)

James M. Lamb FAMU/FSU College of Engineering Undergraduate (B.S.), Supported by TRDA 205 (Graduated 1994, own business)

Lindsey H. Walker North Florida Christian High School, Supported by TRDA 205, 1991-1994 (private sector, Atlanta, Georgia)

Bruce Applegate undergraduate of MIT, Summer Intern, 1992 (MIT)

Eugene Chang National Science Foundation Young Scholar, Supported by NSF, 1992 (Harvard University Medical School)

Stacey L. Serafini National Science Foundation Young Scholar, Supported by NSF, co-supervised by Dr. Kenneth Johnson, 1991 (University)

Gary L. Fay National Science Foundation Young Scholar, Supported by NSF, co-supervised by Dr. Susan Ying, 1991 (California Institute of Technology)

Charles M. Bauer FSU Computer Science (M.S.), Thesis Title: A Vectorized Implementation of a Cellular Automaton for Lattice Gas Hydrodynamics, co-supervised by Dr. G. Riccardi, graduated Spring, 1990 (FSU Microcomputer Center)

Sanjay Sharma FSU Computer Science (M.S.), Thesis Title: Towards the Implementation of the Graphical Environment for Simulating 2-Dimensional Lattice Gas Models, co-supervised by Dr. G. Riccardi, graduated Summer, 1989 (National Center For Scientific Applications, University of Urbana-Champagne)

Dr. Andrew Hasenfeld (Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley), Post-doctoral fellow from Prof. Charles R. Cantor, Director, Genome Center, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Work on electrophoresis (Harvard, Boston)

Dr. Ron DeBry (Ph.D., Woods Hole Institute), work on phylogenetic trees of evolution (Biological Sciences, Florida State University)

Dr. Sergey Korolev (Ph.D., Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Moscow), Work on nucleotide acids representations using fractal (Indiana University)

Dr. Dimitriy Kuznetsov (Ph.D., Engelhardt Institute of Molecular Biology, Moscow), Work on molecular graphics of proteins (European Molecular Biol. Lab., Heidelberg, Germany)

Dr. Donald F. McMullen Work on DNA analysis using associated memory and neural network (Center for Innovative Computer Applications, Indiana University)

Eric Pepke Graphics Specialist, Work on computer graphics rendering of biological molecules (Supercomputer Computations Res. Inst., FSU, Florida)

Dr. Buks van Rensburg (Ph.D., Cambridge University, UK), Work on topologically non-trivial biological macromolecules, DNA knots (Professor of the Department of Mathematics, University of York, Canada)

Dr. Ilya Shindyalov (Ph.D., Institite of Cytology, Novosibirsk, Russia), Work on homologous sequence database compilation, integration of databases (San Diego Supercomputer Center, San Diego, California)

Dr. Victor Solovyev (Ph.D., Institute of Cytology, Novosibirsk, Russia), Work on nucleotide acids sequence and amino acid sequence representations, protein secondary structure (Amgen Inc., Thousand Oaks, California)

Gabor Varga Work on H-Tree representaions of protein sequences (Elly Lilly Pharmaceuticals, Indianapolis, Indiana)


Dr. Victor Strelets (Ph.D., Institute fo Cytology, Novosibirsk, Russia), Work on genetic data compression, splice junction (Indiana University Genome Center)

Elena Kenderova Work on electrophoresis (State University of New York, Binghamton)

2002-present (Referee)

Benson Chan MBA, University of Phoenix (Senior Vice President, Bank of America, North Carolina)

Josh Buessing MBA, University of Phoenix (General Manager, Spectra Laboratories, Inc., California)

Dr. Khor Tin Oo Ph.D., University of Malaya (Post-doctoral fellow, Rutgers University, New Jersey)

Yeoh Chin Sing High school, Malaysia (University of Edinburgh Medical School, Scotland)

Siew Choon Tee M.S., University Putra of Malaysia (University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey)

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