In January 2003, Hyseq Inc. merged with Variagenics and was renamed Nuvelo, Inc. (Ticker: NUVO)

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Sunnyvale, CA, October 25, 1995 -- HYSEQ announced today the appointment of Dr. Hwa Lim, as Director of its Informatics Division. A pioneer and internationally recognized leader in bioinformatics, Dr. Lim initiated and convenes the annual International Conference on Bioinformatics and Genome Research. Dr. Lim's role at HYSEQ will be to coordinate all DNA and protein data analysis for HYSEQ and to direct the development of the next generation of sequence analysis software.

Lewis Gruber, President and CEO of HYSEQ, said "We are very pleased to have Dr. Lim join us in obtaining commercial benefits from what is designed to be the world's broadest and deepest set of DNA databases. By making Dr. Lim a part of our team, we are emphasizing our commitment to be the best in all our business segments."

A prolific writer, Dr. Lim has published more than 80 scientific papers and has authored or edited six books, including Supercomputing and Complex Genome Analysis (1995) and the soon to be published text, Gene Families: Structure, Function, Genetics and Evolution (1996). Dr. Lim serves on the editorial boards of three scholarly journals, including the International Journal of Genome Research.

A recipient of several grants and awards, Dr. Lim has also served as a grant review panelist for federal agencies. This includes work for the National Institutes of Health where he served as an expert in anticancer, anti-AIDS database operations and maintenance. At the National Science Foundation, Dr. Lim served as a reviewer for application in computer information science and engineering. His expertise in database development and data analysis has also allowed him to serve as a bioinformatics expert for the United Nations.

Dr. Lim's extensive experience in the analysis of nucleotide and amino acid sequences and the compilation of biological databases complements HYSEQ's proprietary, high throughput DNA analysis technology by providing unique insights into coding regions, exon/intron structures, and comparative structure/function analyses of proteins. In addition, Dr. Lim's work will emphasize his experience in the modeling and simulation of biological systems, an areas that has important bearing on the development of therapeutic and diagnostic products.

Dr. Lim, a graduate of Imperial College of Science and Technology, the Royal College of Science, University of London (UK), and the University of Rochester (New York, USA), has been working in various capacities in computers and computational work since 1979. His career started in London's largest computer facility. Later, he worked at the supercomputer facility of the Laboratory of Laser Energetics in Rochester, New York. Most recently, Dr. Lim served as a group leader and program director at the Supercomputer Computations Research Institute at Florida State University. While there he was also a faculty member.

HYSEQ, based in Sunnyvale, California, is commercializing discoveries resulting from the application of its patented SBH technology. It also collaborates with diagnostic and therapeutic companies to address commercial markets that require large-scale sequencing and analysis of DNA.

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