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Cars and Car Quizes

Courtesy of Dr. Magdy M. Hussein's Lecture Notes

on "Strategic Planning - VW Case Study" at NPU, November 11, 2007

Adapted by Dr. Hwa A. Lim for this website (January 25, 2008)


Evolution of the Volkswagen Beetle (1922-2000)



History of Volkswagen

1875-September 3rd
Ferdinand Porsche was born

Porsche drew first sketches of the Beetle

Adolf Hitler contracts Porsche to develop the Beetle

Laying of the cornerstone of the VW factory

Germany goes to war

cars were constructed mostly by hand

Volkswagen of America was originally formed

7 millionth Beetle produced

Last year for the "Thing"

Sharan Van was introduced in Europe

Volkswagen unveiled the production of the new beetle





Best-Selling Cars Ever

To find out the car make and the quantity sold, place the cursor on the photo

Ford Model T; 16,500,000 sold Volkawagen Beetle; 21,529,464 sold
At No. 5
Ford Model T; 16,500,000 sold


At No. 4
Volkawagen Beetle; 21,529,464 sold


Volkswagen Golf; 24,000,000 sold Ford F Series; 25,000,000 sold
At No. 3
Volkswagen Golf; 24,000,000 sold


At No. 2
Ford F Series; 25,000,000 sold


Toyota Corolla; 35,000,000 sold
At No. 1
Toyota Corolla; 35,000,000 sold




In Which Country Is This Car Made?

To find out the manufacturing country, place the cursor on the photo

Israel China Sweden
South Korea India Spain
Russia Monaco The Netherlands
Israel, China, Sweden
South Korea, India, Spain
Russia, Monaco, The Netherlands



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